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Status: This document lays out minimum information requirements and formats for major TeraGrid actions and projects. Required document formats and sections for all TeraGrid documents are in [1].

Authors: Charlie Catlett, Craig Stewart

Date: December 14, 2005

Revised: March 7, 2006



While TeraGrid activities and projects are described in annual program plans and regularly updated Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) project plans, opportunities or needs often arise that require additional projects, capabilities, or fundamental changes. Further, this template will be used for updating TeraGrid project plans (based on changing priorities, user input, routine planning, or other factors). This document outlines the structure and information required for TeraGrid management to effectively evaluate and decide on such proposed actions.



Required Sections

In addition to the sections and information requirements outlined in [1], the following sections are required for proposed TeraGrid projects, actions, changes, and other major activities that require resources (staffing, funding, other) at multiple TeraGrid sites. While this format may be useful local TeraGrid sites (e.g. within an RP) or for collaborations among TeraGrid sites, this document applies only to activities that involve or are intended to result in TeraGrid services and therefore involve the Grid Infrastructure Group and/or RP Forum.


The cover page must include a brief status statement that indicates the status of the proposal, including the origin of the proposal (e.g. a requirements analysis team or working group) and any relevant dates. As a draft, the dates might indicate key decision points (e.g. after which the proposal is no longer useful). Upon finalization the dates would indicate when the project was approved.

Problem Statement

State what problem or need you want to address, including impact on, or opportunity for, TeraGrid users and a discussion regarding urgency.

Summary of Recommendation

State what specific actions you propose to take to address the problem outlined.

Policy Requirements

Outline any new policy that is required to implement the recommendation, or any policy changes that are required.

High-Level Implementation Plan

Provide an implementation timeline that roughly outlines the scope, sequence, and duration of the steps required.

Resources Required

Complete an estimated budget in the format shown in Table 1. This format is suggested in order to allow efficient evaluation of the requirements, however it may be modified as appropriate for a particular activity if necessary to best capture the resource requirements.

Table 1

Table 1

Proposal Details and References

Indicate any other detailed information you wish to present. URLS are acceptable.

Security Considerations

This section notes expected or potential security impact of the proposed activity.


This section notes expected scaling issues, for example how the proposed work would impact additional resources or sites joining TeraGrid.

Security Considerations

This document has no impact on security, as it only addresses document formats for policies.


This document will serve to help in scaling by introducing a more formal process, enabling more efficient evaluation of proposed projects as well as comparison between multiple potential projects.


This work was supported by the National Science Foundation Office of Cyberinfrastructure, grant number 0503697 “ETF Grid Infrastructure Group: Providing System Management and Integration for the TeraGrid.”

This document is based in part on a template developed by Laurie Antolovic, Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Vice President for Information Technology, Indiana University.

Author Information

Craig Stewart Indiana University

Charlie Catlett University of Chicago / Argonne National Laboratory +1-630-252-7867

References and Notes

[1] Catlett, C., “TeraGrid Policy Document Template and Required Information”. TG-2, March 2006.

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